St Jean D'Angely our local town
just a short drive from our gites
The historic country town of St Jean D'Angely is just 6 miles west of our family friendly holiday cottages in Courgeon. It has all the
major facilities such as banks, supermarkets and a twice weekly market as well as a good selection of restaurants, shops and bars but
is not touristy, it's a real piece of rural France.
Climb the abbey towers, explore the
narrow cobbled streets and look up at
the amazing buildings with their blue
slate roofs. Parking is easy and free
(ask us where to park as some car
parks are pay)
The name St Jean d'Angely reflects the
roots of this town. Angely in fact comes
from the town's roman name -
Angeriacum - and it was a major stop
on the roman route between Nantes
and Saintes. St John comes from the
fact that in the Abbey Royale there was
a sacred relic believed to be the head of
St John the Baptist. The fortunes of St
Jean d'Angely were varied as it was
caught in the battles between the
Huguenots, Catholics and the King's
forces. Today, St Jean is a relatively
small town of 8,000, where the pace of
life is relaxed.
For a relaxed and easy
excursion with children take
them to the park with its
playground, football pitch, mini
golf, pedaloes, cafe,
skateboard park and ducks,
followed by lunch at one of the
many cafés and restaurants.
St Jean d'Angely has plenty for
children too. It has a great
swimming pool centre if its too hot
to be outside (or raining !) There is
a huge slide, a play pool, a diving
pool and a sports pool. There is a
café and you can even sunbathe
outside. The swimming pool centre
is next to the park. This has
pedaloes, canoes and a lovely
playground. Take a stroll along the
river, feed the ducks and have an
ice cream snack at the café
on the lake.
The Market
The Town
For Children
three times each week on
Wednesdays, Saturdays and
Sunday mornings. Don't be late or
you'll miss out on the best produce.
fresh food, especially fruit,
vegetables and seafood.
There are also lots of other stalls
selling flowers, trinkets, souveniers,
bags and clothes too.
The internal market has a superb
ceiling, so remember to look up
when you go inside !