Just 30 mins drive away is this fantastic ampitheatre which in the summer holds 'spectacular events'. The archway commisioned by Germanicus
was originally the entrance to the city over the river but was moved a few metres from its original position to allow for a wider road.
From this point you can take a river boat cruise.
There are numerous reminders of this towns past life as Roman Mediolanum situated on the Roman route between Lyon and Aquitaine. There is a
small museum and every roundabout seems to have a roman artifact displayed on it During the 11th to 13th Centuries many religious monuments
were constructed in this area and the crowing glory is the Abbaye-aux-Dames.
This ancient town has today become a major economic centre as well as a desirable place for tourists to visit.
Great restaurants, great shopping but still retains small town charm.
FOR CHILDREN - the Roman theme is fun and educational, our boys adore running around the ampitheatre pretending to fight lions. Theres a
lovely park with an animal enclosure, great for little ones.  Theres also an indoor play centre if you are unfortunate with the weather.
SAINTES - one of the great days out from our
family friendly holiday cottages in the
Charente Maritime,  SW France
fabulous child friendly restaurant, 'Moulin
de la bain'. Built in the Colbert appointed
mill over the river, it is a beautiful situation
in which to while away a few hours over
friendly and are good with the children.
Its set on a large terrace, so there space
for the children to get down and move
around a little between courses, its
always busy so noise levels are sufficient
to cover up the odd scream !
play area with swings just on the other side,
can swim in the river too. Then stroll over to
the canal and lock nearby where the canal
joins the river and you can watch
barges pass by and often artists sit and paint.