Reviews of La Grange du Moulin 2003
Chris and Wendy are very good and knowledgeable hosts who are always on hand if you
need their advice. Our holidays here are always relaxing, with wine tours and communal
bbq's which encourage guests to mix and make new friends. The facilities are very good,
the garden and pool excellent for children and adults alike and always well maintained.
Millstone grange is a lovely tranquil location with very nice views, it has been our home
from home for the past three years and once again we have booked to return next year.
Whitlock family, Grenier
We really had a great time at Millstone grange. It was really nice and pleasant to stay for the 2 weeks. We
felt really at home and its a relaxing place to stay. Lots of useful and good facilities. We spent a lot of time
in the pool (very nice). We gad good weather and got to know some of our neighbours. We really enjoyed our
stay. Chris and Wendy were very welcoming and hospitable.
Siobhan Reilly on behalf of the Reilly family, Grenier.
The cottage is well equipped and comfortable, the swimming pool has been a God send
and we have used it every day ! The other visitors have all been friendly and we have
spent some pleasant evenings sitting at the front and enjoying Erics wine.
Gray family, Horloge.
The highest recommendation we can give Millstone Grange is that we are returning for
our second visit in 2004, next time for 3 weeks ! We found Fleurie well equipped and
spacious and an ideal base for a family holiday. The whole site is well maintained,
especially pool and garden area for children. Hosts, Chris and Wendy are friendly and
knowledgable and nothing is too much trouble. Access to washing machine and freezer
(free)worth a fortune in terms of cost and convenience.
O'Sullivan family, Fleurie.
We had a great time from the moment of our arrival, even though we arrived late at
11pm, Chris and Wendy had left a welcome gift. Breakfast next morning was a real
treat. we had a wonderful time. The children (8 & 9) had a great time with the pool and
swam 3 times most days. Of course the weather helped too, sunny and warm each day of
the week we were here. We have been really refreshed by our holiday and thanks to Chris
and Wendy who were always very helpful.
Flynn family, Ruche
We have had a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable break - with a wonderful cottage,
neighbours and hosts. Well done and thanks a million. See you again.Russell family,
Truly relaxing time. All of us less brain dead and more chilled than when we arrived. Wonderful ambient
location. Highlights were being able to use the pool here daily and watch the boys (19mths and 4yrs) learn to
swim; starwatching at night and seeing shooting stars with a blazing trail. Wine walk most imformative and
interesting.Hodson family, Grenier
A great time was had by all ! Felt instantly relaxed from the moment we arrived even with four kids (and a
12 hr journey behind us !) Didn't see much of the children as they were too busy enjoying themselves with all
their new friends in the play area or pool. The cottage was a home from home and I wouldn't hesitate to
recommend it to friends and family. Thanks !
Hedges family, Horloge.
Hosts - excellent ! Always willing to help and advise; never intrusive but always on hand if needed and to
have a drink or 2 or 3.... with us and others on site. The pool area was great, always clean and well
maintained and the kids loved it. Dale family, Fleurie
Another excellent holiday - our second visit this year - need I say more ! No need to go rushing about
everywhere and seeing everything. Just nice to relax and soak up the local atmosphere and perhaps enjoy a
glass of wine or two (or three !) It was nice to come at a different time of year and see how different the
countryside is. We enjoyed the hazelnuts.
John, Carol, Michael and Stephen Sowersby. Papillon
The La Grange du moulin motto : 'eat, drink and be merry'
thats our experience, though it doesn't end there. Its your duty to drink more and be even more merry ! Erics
wine and Pineau are delicious, one is honour bound to drink copious quantities, we therefore suggest that all
guests keep a good stock of nurofen to hand !
This is our 5th year and we have had as usual, a brilliant holiday. The weather has been very, very hot, often
in excess of 40c - laziness set in and our days have been spent relaxing in and around the pool. We've had
lovely sociable evenings, great barbeques and experienced again, Chris' excellent vine walks - these are not to
be missed. Thank you Chris and Wendy for making our holiday as memorable as ever. This one beats them all !!

note from chris and wendy - you do not have to drink ' copious' amounts of alcohol !! and the weather this year
has been exceptionally hot