Our family holiday cottages are centrally located here in the Charente Maritime and just an hours easy drive is La Rochelle and
its superb
Aquarium; perfect for either a very hot afternoon to escape the sun or a rainy day. Great even for young ones as
most tanks go down to ground level, so even the tiny ones can see. Does get very busy in high season so again, top tip is to go
early. We usually make a full day of it, aiming to get to the aquarium as it opens. The children love the 'submarine' (lift) that
takes them down to the ocean floor and the glass walkway which surrounds you with jelly fish.
The aquarium is split into different areas, tropical waters, Mediterranean seas etc. There prize exhibition is the shark tank which
is 3 floors depth where you can gaze at these elegant creatures swimming down to the depths.
The Aquarium, La Rochelle
A popular day trip from our family friendly holiday
cottages in the Charente Maritime
'through the water' the fish play
there for hours if we let them,
trying to 'catch' the 'fish'

The last exhibit is a tropical jungle
where you can see turtles and
pirhanas and also guess the scents
of vanilla, petula and other such
things found in the tropics.

As with most places these days,
the exit takes you into a large
shop where you can purchase
anything from whale keyrings to
large cuddly sharks.
recommend leaving the aquarium
at this point and making your way
into La Rochelle to eat at our
favourite restaurant, Andrés.

A short walk away is a jetty here
you can catch a boat taxi which
will drop you right outside the
best restaurants in La Rochelle.

For a family with young children,
Andrés is where you can have a
fantastic seafood meal but they
also have a childrens menu, high
chairs and where the staff,
although always busy are good
with the children, giving them a
colouring place mat and some
high, so it won't matter if the
kids make a bit of noise too.
With our older boys, in
summer, we'll sit in view of the
anchor outside, so we can enjoy
a leisurely lunch and they can
play at pirates on the anchor in
between courses.

La Rochelle has great shops and
hundreds of coffee shops, bars
with activity and an essential
day trip when staying with us at
our family friendly holiday
Wendy Blakeman