GUEST REVIEWS of La Grange du Moulin 2011
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near St Jean d'Angely
1996,'97, '98
Excellent 2wks. Even though this was our 5th visit to La Grange du Moulin we still managed to find new places that we hadn't previously visited. The highlight of these
was Puy du Fou, our two boys loved this - this place is unique.. Its impossible to descibe in words and has to be experienced. The real highlight though, has to be the we
have returned so many times - Thank you again !!
Mackie family review of La Grange du Moulin, Grenier cottage, May 2011. Children aged 7 and 5 yrs.
We really enjoyed our stay. The complex is set up brilliantly for young children, The play area is great, it is just outside the gite and is well stocked with play equipment
such as swings and trampolines. The pool area is lovely and the childrens pool is fantastic especially as its covered to shade them from the sun. Chris and Wendy were
very helpful and kindly provided extra equipment in the gite such as bed guards, booster seats, toys etc. The bottle of wine on arrival was also appreciated. The gite itself
a fantastic holiday in such a beautiful area of France. I highly recommend La Grange du Moulin to any families. Thanks again.
Gunn family review of La Grange du Moulin, Ruche cottage, May 2011, Children aged 4 and 2 yrs)  
wonderful. Not too warm - still a great place to cool off - but now without the shock when you get in ! The pool area is great, lovingly cared for, sheltered and relaxing,
and we spent most of the week there. All we needed was rest, good food, good wine, sunshine and good friends - absolutely everything is here. Most of all it has been
just wonderful to spend time with Chris, Wendy and the boys. Thank you again, it's been perfect and we can't wait to come again as soon as possible !
Jaques family review of La Grange du Moulin, Papillon cottage, May 2011
This was our first holiday with our 10mth old baby. The cottage was wonderfully well equipped for babies with age appropriate toys and books - Wendy thought of things
that I didn't even ask for like a baby bath. Cottage was wonderful and cool, a great place to retreat from the heat of the sun. The property is totally safe for children and
there is plenty to occupy them. It was great to interact with other visitors and the bbq night is a wonderful idea.
Twomey family review of La Grange du Moulin, Papillon gite, May 2011, child aged 10mths
A very relaxing break with our two children. The boys were very happy playing with all the brilliant toys available and playing in the sandpit and on the trampoline. It was
easy parenting for us as we didn't even leave the grounds for the first few days. It was all very safe and perfect for little ones. We discovered some beautiful beaches with the
help of Wendy and had a fab day out in La Rochelle too. Perfect holiday for two small boys and one very big bump on mummy and the unbroken sunshine helped too.
Parker family review of La Grange du Moulin , Ruche gite, May 2011
book ! Loved the opportunity to socialise with others in the evenings - had some good laughs over a bottle (s) of wine. Lots to see and do in the area but also nice to
stay here and relax while our little girl played with her new friends in a safe contained area with lots to keep her occupied. What a fantastic place to unwind and relax.
Chris and Wendy made us feel very welcome and that nothing was too much trouble. We are already planning a return trip with friends we made here in he next gite !
The Dewey Family review of La Grange du Moulin, Ruche gite,  June 2011, Child aged 3 yrs   
La Grange du Moulin in the Papillon gite for 2 wks with our two girls 3yrs and 13mths. The set up was perfect - the girls enjoyed making lots of new friends and playing
in the garden. The trampoline and sand pit were particular favourites ! The toddler pool was great for the kids. Chris and Wendy created a perfect atmosphere which
allowed the adults to socialise too. We have been to a few 'child friendly' holiday places, but this one was by far the most enjoyable and sociable for both us and the kids.
Reynolds family review of La Grange du Moulin, Papillon gite, June 2011, Children aged 3 yrs and 13mths
Once again our best holiday ever, perfect for us and our children. Despite the abscence of little girls this year, Our daughter played out the whole time with all the boys
including Benjamin and Thomas with our son pottering around behind them perfectly happy, without the need for hyper vigilant supervision. I could tell it was a great
holiday because I finished 2 books in a week ! First time ever since having children !
Shearer family review of La Grange du Moulin, Ruche gite, July 2011, childen aged 4yrs and 1 year
Our second year here in a row and we wern't disappointed ! Wendy and chris really do go the extra mile to make the holiday hassle free and very relaxed. Our 22mth
old loved the outside space and company of other children, so much so that we spent many days just around and about, enjoying the sunshine and the pool ! The
bbq/seafood nights are a real treat and not to be missed - thank you Wendy and Chris for making this such a great place to stay. We will be back !!
Hamilton family review of La Grange du Moulin, Papillon family, July 2011, child aged 2yrs
pool certainly makes a difference. Lazy days in the sun and cooking and eating with new friends whilst the children play means the adults get to relax too. Explored lots
of places and it was great to talk about these things with other people and to get recommendations of other things to do. We will definitely be back !
Tanikal family review of La Grange du Moulin, Horloge gite, July 2011 Children aged 3yrs and 1 yr
sandpit, pirate ship and dressing up toys in the gardem. There are no worries for parents ; the pool, the garden  and the gite are as safe as they need to be with This is
the easiest holiday ever ! Wendy and Chris have thought of everything a 3 year old could want from the range of toys, books and puzzles in the gite to the sandpit,
pirate ship and dressing up toys in the gardem. There are no worries for parents ; the pool, the garden  and the gite are as safe as they need to be with inquisitive pre
schoolers. There are daily weather updates and Wendys suggestions for local trips and things to do tailored accordingly. The whole family are great hosts and their
many years of experience shines through ! We'll be back for the 3rd time in 2012
Wade family review of La Grange du Moulin, Ruche gite, July 2011, Child aged 3 yrs
Plenty of toys and activities but also lots of space for games and running around. The pirate ship was a big hit with our little boy. The pools were great, the toddler
pool was perfect for hours of safe splashing whilst we relaxed and watched. There is loads to do in the surrounding area but we often found it hard to drag ourselves
away ! After the children had gone to bed, the adults sat and chilled out within earshot of the gites. The seafood bbq was well organised and a highlight of the holiday -
Chris even managed to convert my husband to the delights of eating moules mariniere !
Donkin family review of La Grange du Moulin, Horloge gite, July 2011, Child aged 3 yrs
(though wonderful) a bit fraught and approached with some trepidation. Wendy and Chris however, enabled us to
have the most fun, relaxed and carefree holiday we have ever had with the children. Everything has been thought
of, is provided and is made easy. And at the same time we got to enjoy the picturesque and beautiful, rustic
French countryside, wine and food and unique ambience of La Grange du Moulin. Several people we met here
friends with pre schoolers (though on second thoughts, maybe I shouldn't or we'll never manage to book in again !)
The trampoline, sand pit, pirate ship, swimming pool (heated) and toddler pool made La Grange du Moulin perfect
not luxury but we didn't expect or want that and again makes the cottages much more suitable for little ones. Loved
all the info on activities and the area, which was all useful and also the vine walk, wine tasting, teddy bears picnic
and bbq all of which was sociable without being obtrusive.
Loved it 10/10, 5*, thank you so much, see you next year !
McCormick family review of La Grange du Moulin, Fleurie gite, September 2011
Happy and relaxing holiday. Our daughter, 6 and son, 4 have endless activities here to keep them amused, like minded families with children on tap to play with, two
fantastic pools (used so much this year that they've almost grown webbed feet !) the pirate ship, garden, to name but a few - Let's face it if the children are happy then so
are the parents. I've managed to read 6 books in 2 weeks. This year, our 3rd year - we were determined would be our last, after all it is a big world out there. However
by day 3 and at one of the wonderful bbq evenings we signed up again for next year !
Cameron family review of La Grange du Moulin, Ruche gite, August 2011
O'Dell family review of La Grange du Moulin, Peche gite, August 2011